Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Get It; Little Dynamite is a prolific poster...and other notes from around the horn

First off - much respect to Little Dyanamite. All of us who had written him off as washed up and burned out are elated to have him back in action. And unlike Ryan Adams circa Cold Roses, he is prolific in a 100% quality way. Thank god. Now it looks like it may be time to put Little Gun on the side of the chocolate milk carton.

Also - let me please extend my gracious acceptance of your apology regarding Afro Celt Sound System. Don't doubt the dogma of JtR again.

Two related points:

1) speaking of Ryan Adams the arrogant bastard who put out what may have been one of the greatest 25 albums of the last 50 years (Cold Roses) - then mixed in another 12 garbage tracks to make sure he did not achieve this mark: here is a great article Little Dynamite found a while back that never made it to a post. go ahead and sign up to view it; it's free (cheapskate).

2) i'll be seeing The Format with none other than Dynamite himself tonight. here's a great track off of their most recent album Dog Problems. this one was track 1 of my seminal summer mix '07. believe in it.


Brace yourself.

Springsteen announces the other day that he'll release his first album with the E Street Band in five years on Oct. 2, 2007. For those of you who packed it in after The Ghost of Tom Joad; be forewarned - The Rising was an incredible album. I expect nothing less of this. Bruce seems to be painfully aware of his music these days, and I can't imagine him putting out anything less than magical (get it?). Plus, in my opinion he comes close to suffering from Billy Joel Syndrome - or, the inability to release bad music. The opposite of this is, obviously, Ryan Adams Syndrome.
In fact, while we're on the subject, my favorite 6 Springsteen album (excluding Born to Run, which is on a different plane of existence) are his first 3 (Greetings from Asbury Park New Jersey, The Wild the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle, Darkness of the Edge of Town) and his last 3 (The Rising, Devils and Dust, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions Band). I guess I like folksy Bruce more than rocker Bruce. Sorry I don't work in a Ford factory in 1972 and have a mustache like Daryl Oates (I mean John Hall).

This is the last track he released with the E Street Band (that's right, the final track of The Rising). Remember the landscape post-9/11 and tell me this guy isn't the G.O.A.T. The amazing thing is that he wrote this pre-9/11 (about his homeland Asbury Park, NJ) which pretty much makes him a prophet. Mark the calender for Oct. 2.


c said...

i'm not a crazy bruce fan, but i agree with your sentiments about his last album and the prophetic nature of "my city of ruins." i also love the song "the rising." COME ON, RISE UP! if that doesn't make you cry,what the freak does, ya know?

this blog is entertaining.

Don Goulash said...

No disrespect to you other two gents but Little Dynamite, who I like to call Dynamo, is 90% of the reason I read the fantastic blog which cover lots of musical ground in all the right ways, and 80% of the time I read this blog I absorb 95% of the content in 40% of the time I log on for 38% of the day.

I think Little Dynamite is much like Ryan Adams circa Cold Roses in the sense that he lets a woman play his bass, and if that makes any sense you might need to take a nap.

Jack the Rabbit said...

c - i've always believed that one can only be a HUGE Springsteen or a HUGE U2 fan, though they would certainly like the other band.

the human heart is just not big enough to embrace two leviathons of that scale.

i am willing to discuss this.

Little Dynamite said...

thank you don...very kind and succinct words...

i vote bruce...but i'm biased...

c said...

hmmm .. well, i believe i do know at least 1 or 2 people who love the u2 and the bruce equally, or so they claim ... but deep down there must be differences. just like how my mom likes my brother more but never admits it. (hypothetically).