Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jack the Rabbit: 25 Most Played

Here's the list.

1. Dark Moon, High Tide - Afro Celt Sound System

2. Oklahoma (live) - Bob Schneider

3. The Temptation of Adam - Josh Ritter

4. Corpus Christi Carol - Jeff Buckley

5. Brainy - The National

6. Start A War - The National

7. Me and Mr. Jones - Amy Winehouse

8. Love Is A Losing Game - Amy Winehouse

9. Tears Dry On Their Own - Amy Winehouse

10. Razz - Kings of Leon

11. Squalor Victoria - The National

12. Go Back Home to Harlem - The Rosewood Thieves

13. Elusive - Scott Matthews

14. Caledonia Mission - The Band

15. Valentine's Day - Bruce Springsteen

16. I Shall Be Released (live) - Jeff Tweedy

17. Quiet Town - Josh Rouse

18. Green Gloves - The National

19. Guest Room - The National

20. Oh My Sweet Carolina - Ryan Adams

21. Call Me On Your Way Back Home - Ryan Adams

22. Put It On Me - Ben Harper

23. Original of the Species - U2

24. Yahweh - U2

25. Northern Muse (Solid Ground) - Van Morrison

I have the best taste in music on the KTTU Blog.
Quick talking points:
1. Much as I hate to admit it, Little Gun was right...The National is my new favorite band. Although I must say, it took me a while to "get it." Start A War and Brainy were the tracks that precipitated the break through. Thanks, Little Gun.
2. The newest Josh Ritter album has all the makings of being the greatest, most arrogant(ly titled) album of 2007. The Temptation of Adam is the greatest song written since I Shall Be Released, which probably makes it the best song in the last 40 years. Believe it. Listen. I dare you.
3. Amy Winehouse album is actually pretty good. See if you can hang with me for this: Tears Dry On Their Own should have been a Fleetwood Mac song, that Amy Winehouse covered. If that was the case, Amy Winehouse's version would have become the definitive version. Got it? Anyway, great tune.
4. Respect to Jeff Buckley for putting out a (pop) album in AD 1994 in which one of the tracks begins with: He bear her up, he bear her down. He bear her unto an orchard ground. And in that orchard there was a hold, and it was hangèd with purple and gold. And in that hold, there was a bed, and it was hangèd with gold so red. Lay-oh-o-lay, lay-oh-o-lay; the falcon hath bourne my maid away...


Little Dynamite said...

your #1 song is by a group called "Afro Celt Sound System"'re so arrogant...

btw, you're going to have to qualify it because I want to know more...

nice eclectic list on the whole!

cherry ghost said...

mr buckley's corpus christi carol reminds me of singing church songs in grade school masses on tuesday mornings, but i greatly respect it's position in the top 5.

Little Gun said...

I agree with Little D...I think the reason that it took your top 25 so long before coming out was because you had to play that "Afro Celt Sound System" song on repeat to gain it the top spot...arrogance

Jack the Rabbit said...

cherry ghost - thanks for the respect. by the way, i want to get to your suggestion of iTunes preposition search as soon as we put this Top 25 nonsense to rest.