Sunday, August 19, 2007

Feist - Town Hall, NYC 6/11/07

It's official. I'm in love with Leslie Feist.

Yes this post is extremely late. Yes I know I probably don't have a chance with her. But let me at least get this off my chest before I collapse.

This show was incredible. From the opening note to the euphoria that I experienced as she walked off the stage, I was enamored with Feist. There's something incredibly sexy about a woman who can rock as hard on the guitar as she did, but sing so smoothly.

She played everything I wanted to hear except for "Secret Heart" and that's saying something considering I wanted to hear everything off of her latest two albums Let It Die and The Reminder, respectively. If I hadn't been there to believe it, I would've called myself a liar, but her voice is even sweeter and more beautiful in person. The entire show was entrancing and she really knows how to engage an audience with even the softest of tunes.

I happened to have gotten 4th row seats for Town Hall, which was my first time there, but I felt like overall, it was an intimate venue. Feist felt comfortable enough to invite up a random audience member to whistle bird calls with her as she recorded a background tune for a song. Awesome.

One of the highlights of the evening was when she called out former bandmate in Broken Social Scene, Kevin Drew. It was a great moment as he played piano while Feist sang a memorable version of his "Lover's Spit." While that was the only song Drew came out for, it was a well received cameo performance.

I used to have the setlist in my cell phone, but I erased it for a Bob Schneider concert (bad move...I ended up buying the Scheider concert on CD and having it available anyways). Highlighted songs from the night included "The Water," "My Moon My Man," "1234," and "Mushaboom." I think the sleeper for best song of the night may go to "Sea Lion Woman" however.

Overall, an extremely fun night and a two-thumbs-up performance by one of my favorite artists.

Feist -
*My Moon My Man.mp3

Broken Social Scene -
*Lover's Spit.mp3

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