Sunday, August 19, 2007

Teddy Thompson - Separate Ways

So you don't know who Teddy Thompson is? Shame on you.

Technically, shame on me, but I'll explain why. Teddy Thompson was supposed to be my first album review when we started this blog way back in '06, but I slacked off *gasp*.

Well here it is, finally, only one album too late. You see, Teddy has just released his newest CD Upfront and Down Low, an album of legendary country covers that departs wildly from his phenomenal 2006 release, Separate Ways.

I don't want to spoil anything for you, but Mr. Thompson was an enormous surprise find for me. He was the opening act for Mason Jennings when I saw him back home for my brother's birthday last summer. All stores were closed by the time I got home from the concert, but I woke up the next day and bought Teddy's album first thing.


It's been one of my absolute favorite purchases at the indie level. Thompson, an Englishman via New York, has catchy, but sincere melodies in his verses. He takes you into his confidence as he confesses his personal desires as well as his tongue-in-cheek experiences as a musician.
I want to be a huge star/who hangs out in hotel bars./I want to wake up at noon/in somebody else's room./I want to shine so bright it hurts...

I want to be high strung./Make people wonder what they've done./No one will talk back/cuz they'll never know when I might snap./I want to shine so bright it hurts...
-"Shine So Bright"
I know I recommend for people to buy just about every artist I write about, but you seriously need to get into Teddy now. He's already showing his range with his newest release so you should probably claim him as your own before he blows up.

Teddy Thompson -
Shine So Bright.mp3

Teddy Thompson -
I Should Get Up.mp3


sweet jane said...

First time visiting your blog...can't believe I missed out for so long.
anyway... re: t-thompson

PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE the Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man soundtrack... i'll hold my breath until i get your response.

Jack the Rabbit said...

little dynamo - answer the girl! she must be blue in the face by now.

i, for the record, do not have that album.

can't beat that velvet underground blog name either, sweetheart.


Little Dynamite said...

hey sweet jane! no i don't have that album but i can tell by your tone that i probably should...

i definitely like leonard cohen but i'm not as versed in his work as i could any track recommendations that are must haves?

sweet jane said...

Thanks, Jack the Rabbit...I was beginning to asphyxiate.

The soundtrack includes LC covers done by two Wainwright family members, and a special appearance by a certain sunglasses-at-night wearing Slane Castle favorite... but my pick is definitely Teddy Thompson's "Tonight Will be Fine" (hence the post)

Jack the Rabbit said...

i will definitely look into that. but i bet i know the bono vox sooooonnnnngggg.

look for a new post on it janie.