Friday, August 17, 2007

Arrogance? Or Genius?

I recently posted my iPod's Top 25 Most Played list. Dark Moon, High Tide by Afro Celt Sound System was my #1 most played track. And I promptly received the following responses from my co-bloggers:
Little Dynamite: "your #1 song is by a group called 'Afro Celt Sound System''re so arrogant.."
Little Gun: "I agree with Little D...I think the reason that it took your top 25 so long before coming out was because you had to play that "Afro Celt Sound System" song on repeat to gain it the top spot...arrogance"
I'd like to address these comments head on.
My first thought was to just post the song and let the music speak for itself. But if it's accusations of arrogance I am trying to combat, and arrogant response like that will not do. So, let me try to show you where I'm living.
First off - two confessions:
1. I only got an iPod about a month ago. Before then, I had been operating with a Dell DJ for about 4 years. I did confess to Little Gun that I was "rigging" my Top 25 List since I had a brand new iPod with no baggage. To be clear, all I meant by this was that I was not listening to my entire library on full shuffle. This was to prevent some horrible accident such as, through a glitch in mathematical randomization, the song The Special by Hot Action Cop sneaking its way into my Top 25 to destroy my blogging credibility, which is currently rivaled only by Cherry Ghost.
2. I do admit that I bought the Afro Celt Sound System album Volume 1: Sound Magic purely out of arrogance. I saw it on the World section shelf at a Best Buy a few years ago and grabbed it without knowing anything about what secrets it might hold. Greatest blind purchase of my life.
Get in. Now that you've downloaded the song, let me tell you why it has a league leading 11 plays (edging Oklahoma by a single play). Put it on. Now picture this. I was sitting out on a second level deck on my cottage, all alone, the other evening. The sky was alive with heat lightning so frequent and intense that I was truly concerned that nearby New York City was being annihilated by nuclear weapons and it was only a matter of time before the radiation got to the Connecticut border. What better tune to listen to as one watches this beautiful world end. So I played it on repeat 3 or 4 times, until I was convinced that the danger of decimation had passed.

Since then, the song has frequently been added to On The Go playlists because I really enjoy it. I think it's a song about the maximum potential of the human heart; but that's the wonderful thing about it - it could have a different message to everyone it reaches.
Please post apologies/retractions.

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