Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aster - Some Things Seldom Heard Of

So Austin, TX is legit. Apparently I like anyone who is from there, records there, or has visited there. This obviously includes the amazing new band Aster and their debut album Some Things Seldom Heard Of. A feast of instrumentation and rolling vocals, this CD is so pleasing to listen to that Van Gogh would've thought twice about messing with his left ear if he had heard this first. I first heard of these guys through our friend C, and I couldn't stop listening to the album that they are still streaming online for free.

With an abundance of piano and solid drums, "Stop the Parade" sounds like a rolling sea of tunes that make you run down a beach at dusk as the tide rolls in on your bare feet.

"We Won't Remember" is probably the premiere track on the album. With a Strokes-esque "12:51" impression, it really is a wonder that this is just a two-man band.

The singular, staccato piano keys of the title track definitely lend themselves to comparisons with The Postal Service. For further definitive evidence, check out "Attempting to Multiply." In short, these guys are good, their album is solid, and you need to buy it. Check out the album for free now, and then make the right decision and go pick this up. You won't be disappointed.

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