Monday, February 11, 2008

Aberfeldy Makes Catchy Music

So I'm out in L.A. finishing up our film - hence the lack of posts - and the Lighting Supervisor starts telling me about this band called Aberfeldy. Besides enjoying their name, I am really digging their sound. They've been around for a few years and I've only listened to their 2004 debut album Young Forever, but they really have found a niche with their catchy pop sound.

A Scottish band led by two brothers, Aberfeldy does not give the impression of a unique sound. Yet, as you listen to them, you can't help but get into their music. Much like Jack Johnson, even though the tunes are not groundbreaking or experimental, they are easy to listen to and enjoyable. Check out their myspace page here for a taste of what they have to offer.

And I'm pretty sure I've heard "Summer's Gone" in a commercial somewhere...

P.S. I'm convinced L.A. only plays the Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam. In the past week, I started a tally and I'm up to 10 RHCP songs and 5 Pearl Jam songs played at any given time (and most likely right after the other). Also, 311 has made three appearances with "Love Song" and "Amber." I didn't know they were still played on the radio (not that they don't deserve to be...).

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