Friday, January 4, 2008

Bulat in '08

I'm starting the campaign right now for Basia Bulat. Her album, "Oh My Darling" is not yet available stateside (how underground is that), but when it does drop (as the kids are saying these days) on February 5th, I highly recommend you get your hands on it. I already have my hands on it (not important how) and it is fantastic. Bulat's voice is amazing, and on "Darling" it's complemented by beautiful instrumentation from guitar, to ukulele, to piano, to orchestral strings. The songs are gorgeous, ranging from waltzes to lullabies to up-tempo numbers with bongos and hand-clapping (always a plus). I got my hands on the album about a month ago and it's been my go to ever since. Check out her website, check out her myspace (Her myspace tracks are great, but they are not even my favorites on the album. I just checked her page and there is a new track called "In The Night," which I didn't even know about, but is awesome. There is also a nice little demo of her covering the Stroke's "Someday," a song that I love. Bulat's version is definitely rough and just thrown together, but there are beautiful bits in it that make you wish she would develop the cover and throw it on a record). Anyway, get on board for Bulat in '08.


cherry ghost said...

i went to her website and watched the new video for "in the night." first, let me just comment on the video. it is bizarre, to say the least. there are people dressed up like dogs, wolves, bears, skeletons, etc, running around the woods. i even think i saw benjamin franklin in there somewhere. shes a weird canadian.

the song itself is fantastic. love her voice. look fwd to hearing the rest of her album.

does her name rhyme with Asia?

Little Gun said...

Cherry G., I've not checked out the video, and if it scared you, then I am is awesome though. As far as her name, I'm uncertain. I've been pronouncing it "Base-ia," like a bass guitar with "ia" at the end. I was recently corrected by someone who thought it was pronounced "Basha", like rhyming with "Sasha," and that the T at the end of her last name is silent. But I suppose it could rhyme with "Asia." I'm really not sure. I'll research it.

cherry ghost said...

the video is strangely addicting. i really love her sound and her range.

Janet said...

It's pronoucned BASH-ah boo-LAH