Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thunder Road - Pt. II

A lot of people think that Thunder Road is the greatest song of all time. They're wrong; but they aren't off by as much as people who think songs like Two Step by DMB and Stay by Jackson Browne are the greatest.

Anyway, Thunder Road is an incredible song. It's a beautiful moment of hope for two young Americans. The future of their lives lies in the balance of those long seconds between the screen door slam and the (potential) car door slam. I can sene their quickening hearts during the stand-off. The scene is remarkably genuine. Will our young Romeo take off alone, or with company? What will the future hold?

The Boss left the decision up to us for a while. What did we think happened? Our own life experiences probably dictated our thoughts.

But what most people don't know is that we have the second piece of the puzzle. We can see how it all panned out. There is a Thunder Road Pt. II song. It's called The Promise.

Enjoy. I'll say hi to Mr. Springsteen at MSG for you all tonight.


c said...

where were you guys sitting? i was at bruce, too. back of the floor. sorry i got your funny blog messages a bit late.

cherry ghost said...

did anyone see this list of the top 100 living songwriters? sorry if it has already been discussed...