Friday, October 12, 2007

Arrogant Names Etc.

Leave it to a Brit to have two unnecessary letters in his name -- the "h" in Thom and the "e" in Yorke. From here on out I will refer to him only as Tom York. That sounds more like a guy you'd go drinking with, and less like a pretentious artiste. I mean, as arrogant as Jeff Tweedy is, at least he doesn't spell him name Geoff Tweadey.

By the way -- wonder how far your 7 quid went towards covering the 1000s of people who will pay 1 American cent for the album. Also I wonder who will pay the most for it. If I hear about some idiot paying $350 grand I will not even be shocked. Also, my bet is that Little Gun will pay $9.99. He always plays it by the book.

Finally, great call on the Clay Aiken thing.


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