Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Black Moth Super Rainbow - as crazy as their name suggests

If you're wondering who would come up with a band name like Black Moth Super Rainbow, you don't have to think hard. With band member names such as Tobacco, The Seven Fields of Aphelion, Power Pill Fist, iffernaut, and Father Hummingbird, you know this band is going to be insane - and I mean that in the most literal sense possible.

Once you get over their ridiculous names, you're left with a solid group that is full of psychedelia, electro-rock, folk, and other wild combinations that usually don't fall under my muscial umbrella. I saw them live opening for the Flaming Lips at the Myth in Minneapolis where I was hooked on their creative energy and moving music. On stage, the band is not lit, save for a disturbing collection of what looked to be '70s low budget muppet shows (NOT Sesame Street) and early '90s B-movie scenes on a large screen behind them. While the films had nothing to do with the show, it put the audience in an uneasy and on-your-toes state of mind that eventually allowed everyone to open up their minds and relax. The band, sihouetted against said screen, was rendered as one dark entity, fluidly making music together.

At first, I was not into the music at all; turned off by the experimental sound and lack of focus since there was no clear band leader for me to pick out in the dark. However, after a few minutes, I began to get sucked into the sound as well, as the images projected behind them incoherantly narrated the tracks while Tobacco sang distorted lyrics on his vocoder that were hardly recognizable as English. By the end of their set, I didn't even care about the Lips coming on stage - I just wanted them to keep playing.

A group of software engineers and other nerdy backgrounds, Black Moth Super Rainbow keep their anonymity so that they are able to lead an enviable double life on the road making music and rocking out unsuspecting crowds around the country.

Check out their myspace page for some key tracks, including my absolute favorite "Sun Lips." Listen to it a few times if necessary, but don't give up on these guys if you aren't hooked immediately. You've got to be in the right mood for it (like waiting for the similarly crazy Lips to start playing) so don't force it if it isn't there.

Further listening, including "Sun Lips," can be found for keeps on their website. (RTs: "Vietcaterpillar," the entertaining "Boatfriend," and the ever cool "Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods") Keep an open mind and enjoy the goodness!

Click here
for another great song - "Forever Heavy"

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