Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Shins - Live at Terminal 5, NYC 10/23/07

I love The Shins. I never get sick of their albums and I find their style unique and easy to listen to in just about any setting. I've tried to see them live a few times but have just never made it until a few weeks ago. This was not only my first Shins show, but my first trip to the new Terminal 5 venue in Midtown West. A little bit hard to get to, its warehouse feel was pretty cool and it definitely had an older feel (even thought it's brand new).

I had always heard that the Shins played great live shows and I really enjoyed their performance. The audience wasn't totally into the concert, since their sound really doesn't lend itself well to a raucous atmosphere anyways, but I liked everything I heard. They played all the songs I wanted to hear and surprised me with what has become their staple cover on this tour, Pink Floyd's "Breathe."

After the show, I read a ton of reviews online about how people have ripped their live shows - forgetting words to "New Slang" (my friends saw their second show the next night and confirmed this as well), humming lyrics, and giving lackluster performances all around. To be honest, I didn't see any of this and I really did find the show to be entertaining. My advice, check 'em out. If they're on like they were for my show, awesome. If not, then don't go see them again.

Check out a few videos from the night to see for yourself. The first one is "Sleeping Lessons" which also leads off their latest album Wincing the Night Away. A perfect opening song, its music video is also a thing of beauty. The second video is "Australia," my favorite Shins song in their collection. The video's audio is not so great, but the video is better than "Sleeping Lessons." Enjoy!

Sleeping Lessons:


The Shins - Live at Terminal 5
1. Sleeping Lessons
2. Kissing the Lipless
3. Mine's Not A High Horse
4. When I Goosestep
5. Turn A Square
6. Girl Sailor
7. A Comet Appears
8. Sea Legs
9. Girl Inform Me
10. Saint Simon
11. Gone for Good
12. New Slang
13. Australia
14. Turn on Me
15. Know Your Onion!
16. Pam Berry
17. Phantom Limb

1. Breathe *Pink Floyd cover*
2. The Past and Pending
3. Caring Is Creepy
4. So Says I

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