Thursday, November 15, 2007

I hang out with lead big deal

First, a little back story: One of the perks of hosting trivia nights at the Pourhouse on Thursdays is that I get to create my own playlists for the music each week. A few months ago, I played "Aftermath" by one of my favorite new bands, the Alternate Routes. As soon as the song started my friend Joe, and trivia regular, started sprinting up to the front, asking me if I picked out the song. As it turns out, Eric Donnelly (far right), lead guitarist and vocalist for the band, is one of Joe's best friends.So when I met up with Joe to go to the Pourhouse for some food and a few beers last night, I was introduced to Eric who was hanging out for the night. After Joe explained that I was a big fan, I tried to act very nonchalant about the whole deal, but it wasn't long before I was asking questions about the band. I should also note that while we were ordering pitchers of Bud Light for the table, Eric quietly drank Jameson on the rocks. Well played.

They're winding down their tour for the holidays but will be coming back to NYC to play a show in Gramercy at the same place I saw Mason Jennings play. Turns out Eric's a fan of Mason - score one for Eric. As we got talking, he asked me what music I listen to, which caught me off guard. I recommended The National, who he had not heard of yet - score one for Little D.

I was actually taken aback that he didn't know them. I always figured all musicians know the obscure music scene better than any of us (even though the National is far from obscure anymore) but it made sense that someone could not be as deep into new music if they're on the road all the time and trying to write new music themselves.

Anyways, Eric was a quiet, cool guy and he said he's going to put Joe and me on the guest list for the show in December. Sweet.

Check out four of their best songs on their myspace page, including the previously mentioned "Aftermath."

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