Friday, April 11, 2008

Austin TX Can Really Go To Your Head

Chuckleberry superstition brought on by the dead / Got inside my constitution ate up all my head / Take me down to nowhere that's where I belong / Keep it going beautiful don't try and get me wrong / Sideshow snakebites got me in the mood / Switched over to decaf hate to be so rude / Operating allnight need some quick relief / Released in the ocean with your sharklike teeth

She'll use all the closet brass in her little pipe / Smoking in those wingtips kissing it goodnight / Damage done soliloquy highwater gash / Firehose nosewater need a little cash / Swimmin in her boxcar her scents in my beard / There's gonna be a fireworks display everyone is weird / Sperm kitchen headache everywhere I turn / Shallowwire snakeskin maybe I’ll never learn

She got the gun she got the gun again / Sippin on a pipe razor packed and smokin Indochina / She got the gun that refunked the fire / That refunked my redirectory

Jabberwocky pignut caramella White wall disaster ocean surf chumps

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