Thursday, March 13, 2008

Imagine How Popular Cat Stevens Would Be If He Was First Hitting The Scene Now

These days, the bigger pansy you are, the bigger you're going to be in the indie music scene (see: Bright Eyes, The Format, The Weepies, any other band that Little Gun likes). Given this fact, imagine how successful Cat Stevens would be if he was putting out music for the first time today. The edge he would have on the field would be that he's not in the least bit angsty. So, no, Little Gun, angsty singing does not "happen to everyone." Just see Exhibit A.

Exhibit A:
Cat Stevens - On The Road To Find Out

(P.S. - I would have put Iron & Wine in the list of nancy music except that I think he's more like a Paul Simon on different drugs and with less compelling percussion. I'm actually waiting for him to start a religion. I may join.)

- jack rizzle.


Little Dynamite said...

this might be the best post yet on kttu...and yes, he would dominate the market...

Little Gun said...

First of all, The Format is Little D's territory...and my little sister. Second of all, I mentioned once that I liked the Weepies, they're not my defining band. Thirdly, Tea for the Tillerman is one of my top 5 favorite albums...maybe someday I'll let you guys know the other four. Great jean suit from Cat.