Saturday, September 6, 2008

News and Notes

*While we're making grand, definitive statements, as we tend to do, I will say that the best single out right now is "Lost Coastlines," by Okkervil River. Give it a listen at their myspace.

*I don't know how into Ratatat everyone is, but I just got into them, and this song is one of the top 7 things that happened to me this summer. Turn up the volume.

*Last Christmas I got a record player for my parents and one for Maggie. I got one for my parents due to their ridiculous record collection that has gone unused since their old one broke some time in the 80s; it was pretty fantastic pulling out albums like "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs," and "Exile on Main St." on vinyl. I got the one for Maggie so that we could build up our record collection from scratch (pun intended); it's really fun for a few reasons. First, records sound amazing. Second, the process of actually putting a record on is a joy. And third, building a record collection allows you to weed out all the tunes you don't really want in your library. With records, you can't exactly skip tracks, so the albums you buy have to stellar throughout. Therefore, your record collection becomes only your favorite albums...a true reflection of who you are, musically speaking. We currently own five albums, with plans to expand. Those five are:

1) Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - Cold Roses
2) Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
3) The National - Boxer
4) Feist - The Reminder
5) The Arcade Fire - Funeral

I plan on buying some more vinyl tomorrow...I'll keep you posted.


juice said...

Was the Ryan Adams a 50/50 equal choice or was it heavily chosen by one side. As I remember at Lolapalooza in 2007, you were being pulled along to a certain someones set.

Jack the Rabbit said...

Pretty big mistake with choices #3, #4 and #5. Minor mistake with choice #1.

Althought I guess I would want to hear Bryan Adams say "when i say l-u-v, you better believe me l-u-v. gimme a beer. 1, 2, 3..." on vinyl.

This is a cool idea to buy records that no one has thought of in 10 years.

Jack the Rabbit said...

I'd like to reword my last sentence to read: No has thought to start buying albums in 10 years, and it's a cool idea.

c said...

you should buy under a blood red sky on vinyl when it gets reissued later this month. or rather, maybe i should. but then i'd have to buy the record player, too. and now i'm thinking maybe i will ... but i would also probably buy all the records my mom used to play on vinyl when i was a kid. the ones that made me fall in love with music. top two would probably be neil young after the goldrush and elton john tumbleweed connection or maybe madman across the water.

Little Gun said...

I'll have to add those two to my collection

Little Gun said...

And juice, I believe that at 2007 lollapalooza, I was being pulled a long to a set by one Pete Yorn...we don't yet own a pete yorn record...if I was going to it would be musicforthemorningafter...although i wouldn't tell anyone about it...and i'd probably try and get a 45 of his cover of warren zevon's "splendid isolation"

Anonymous said...

Little gun...this is your little sister. Just though I'd let you know that some of my closest friends here are fans of Bon Iver and Feist. Recently I met some ratatat lovers. Notre Dame is spreading the love.

Jack the Rabbit said...

if this means what i think it means...that little gun has a sister at notre dame...we may have to banish him from the blog.