Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

Jump on the bandwagon, people. If you haven't heard of Fleet Foxes yet, you still might be drinking Crystal Pepsi. This CSNY-cum-Appalachian sounding group is taking the indie world by storm.

I got hooked on their excellent Sun Giant EP a few months ago, playing their signature track "Mykonos" over and over again. However, I never saw coming such a rich and thorough album follow-up as their self-titled debut provides (only $7.99 on Amazon mp3!).

As excited as I was for their full release to come out. I was actually expecting them to fall on their face a bit. It would be easy for a band like their's to overdue their sound. Instead, the feelings are almost understated as the listener is invited to sing in his or her own head (or out loud...) as a sixth member of the band.

At one point, lead singer Robin Pecknold was quoted as saying he liked being in a band where everyone sings because it provided a family-like atmosphere where everyone participates. I wholeheartedly agree with that philosophy and I hope it serves them well in the coming years.

It's hard to pick out favorite songs from the album because each track has its own endearing quality and sound, but the opening two tracks "Sun It Rises" and "White Winter Hymnal" should give you a pretty good idea about what this band is all about...but also check out the appropriately named "Blue Ridge Mountains" and the My Morning Jacket-esque "Your Protector."

Fleet Foxes -
*Sun It Rises.mp3

*White Winter Hymnal.mp3

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