Monday, July 21, 2008

Required Listening

Little Gun - Maybe in your letter to Ray, you really just wanted to ask him to be a bit more like Kreg Viesselman. - Jack the Rabbit

Well, Oh well, Jezebel
The friends that you made
They're headed for hell
Lazy old fools
The sheep and the mules,
For doing it just like you tell

The sailors come
Between the storms
And they use you like a tool
They make promises now
When they're hungry some how
Just to break them when they're full

Well, oh well, Jezebel
There's a bird in your hand
And there's two in the well
No one knows why
The sparrow won't fly
And nobody blames you he fell

He came to you like a newborn calf
And he left you like a bull
And you lost your hold
On your heartstrings, I'm told
Before you felt the pull

The Pull, The Pull
Out on the end
You'd think I'd have learned
But down I descend
The Pull, The Pull
Back on the mend
Breaking my spirit Again

Well, oh well, you ragged girl
I guess that you gave it a whirl
Squeezing so hard
On that broken old shard
It's like to turn into a pearl



Little Gun said...

You like this song because you've always liked Joe Cocker...

Jack the Rabbit said...

is that so bad?

Little Gun said...

Good point